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Air Care Oxy-Gen



You have may have seen and tried the REST

But our's is one of the BEST ! 

So why not INVEST





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Like to make odours a thing of the past?

“It’s great to have an air freshener of the past?


that isn’t harmful to our residents 

or the ”environment”

Oxy-Gen Powered technology is a new

Medical-grade innovation that harnesses pure

oxygen to deliver continuous odour neutralising

with fresh and exotic fragrances without

harming those enjoying the air.

The next generation air freshener“Viva!E does

not use old aerosol or spray technology, so it is

perfect for Hospitals and Nursing Homes where

freshness is required without irritating those

breathing the air. It is a new generation of air

freshener and the world’s first to use new

Oxy-Gen Powered technology.”

Most environmentally-friendly air freshener

Oxy-Gen Powered technology is a clean

source of power, producing continuous

levels of intense fragrance that contain no

propellants, solvents or CFCs –

just pure natural scent.

Better for freshness. Most air fresheners work

by masking bad odours with heavy perfume.

The Viva!E Air Freshness system uses neutralox,

a proprietary odour neutralising agent to

eliminate, not mask, any bad odours, leaving

only fresh scent in the air.


• Perfume oil is gradually dispersed delivering

a continuous and consistent fragrance intensity..

• Operates on 2 AA alkaline batteries (not

included) that last up to 2 years.

• Can be positioned at any height.

• Choose settings: 60 Days = Every Day

Fragrance Intensity Fragrance 30 Days =

Booster Fragrance Intensity.

• Supplied with 2 keys, 2 Wall plugs,

2 fixing screws.

Viva!e Fragrances

Most air fresheners work by masking bad odours with heavy perfume.

The Viva!e Air Freshness system uses neutralox, a proprietary odour neutralising agent to eliminate not mask any bad odours.

Variety of fragrances available - Lavender, orange blossom, pineapple, ripe berries, eucalyptus, green apple, orange and fresh citrus

Why Oxy-Gen Powered ?


Best Fragrance & 
Product Design

Emission-free technology releases pure fragrance oil with odour neutralisers. No other continuous fragrancing product uses oxygen as a delivery method and it is a significant improvement on how it performs against its competitors

Learn Why Oxy-Gen is Best

Aerosol products typically contain only 2%-l0% by volume of fragrance oil

Oxy-Gen products contain only pure, concentrated fragrance oil

The fragrance performance of other air care products can be affected by air flow, room temperature, humidity and even altitude

Oxy-Gen precision delivery technology makes it immune to environmental or climatic conditions

Aerosol air fresheners deliver an immediate burst of fragrance that can often be too strong and overpowering initially, but quickly fades between each programmed spray.

Oxg-Gen air freshness delivers continuous ambient fragrance throughout the refill life

Usually aerosol products have to positioned 2.2m high, so they don't spray directly onto anyone in the room.

Attractive design makes Oxy-Gen air fresheners easier to place anywhere in a room than any other system

Best Environmental Care

Learn Why Oxy-Gen is Best

Aerosol air fresheners contain CFCs and propellants which can be harmful to the environment and contain allergens and toxic air pollutants

Oxy-Gen products have low VOCS. The refills contain only pure non-toxic fragrance oils and are CARB and EU compliant with no harmful emissions or gases

Aerosol dispensing units that use electronic components have to be disposed of according to WEEE regulations

Oxy-Gen precision delivery technology makes it immune to environmental or climatic conditions

Aerosol products are pressurised, which has an impact on storage and transportation.

Oxy-Gen products can be stored and transported for a lower carbon footprint

Learn Why Oxy-Gen is Best

Best Value For Money

Learn Why Oxy-Gen is Best

Oxy-Gen Powered products deliver true cost-in-use benefits if you want a constant fragrance without variations in fragrance intensity and strength.

Aerosol cans are pressurized and so can't be thrown out in the trash can

No waste disposal costs as all refill components are fully recyclable

Most commercial aerosol systems involve complicated programming and resetting every time a refill is changed.

Simple set up and operation reduces service time and costs

1 aerosol refill typically lasts between 30 to 60 days, but with spray intervals as long as 30 minutes and fast fragrance fade between sprays

1 refill lasting 30 days delivers fragrance intensity that is equivalent to 3 aerosols spraying every 5 minutes

Best Performance

Learn Why Oxy-Gen is Best

Consistent and continuous ambient fragrance that improves the customer experience because it is available all the time, any time Learn Why Oxy-Gen is Best

Several products that operate by gravity are prone to fragrance oil leaking or pooling.

Oxy-Gen technology works against gravity so will not leak or pool.

Most continuous air freshening products work well to start with, but their performance drops significantly over a period of time

Oxy-Gen uses pharmaceutical technology to deliver precise doses of fragrance oil continuously and consistently

Aerosol air fresheners produce a startling intermittent spray hiss and mechanical noise.

Operates silently and discreetly, so the only noticeable thing in the room is the fresh fragrance





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