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'e' Blade Hand Dryer

Velocity Hand Dryer 12-15 Second DRY


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Purchase Orders - We accept NHS Purchase Orders,simply e mail your order to sales@randjhygiene.co.uk

 White Velicity 222


Have you an 'eye' for a good hand dryer ?


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  Hand Dryer


  Decibel level: 58-65db

1. Can drying your hands completely in 10-12s;

2. 95% cost saving compare with paper towels

3. More Less Energy and saving cost;

4. Surface: Stainless steel 304(never rust), the thickness is 0.8 to 1.0mm

5. Colors in Shiny, White, Silver, Black……


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 Hearing Girl

The following chart compares standard models (all with motion detector sensors) for these hand dryers.  The decibel ratings for the Dyson, Xlerator, are from the Acoustical Society of America report.  The others are provided by the hand dryer manufacturers.  Dry times are our own estimates.

Decibel Levels

This information is taken fom the web and companies literature on the web

 Decibel Chart

This information is taken fom the web and companies literature on the web

But if your ears are exposed to excessive levels of noise then this damages the hair cells which prevent them from detecting these sounds. This affects your ability to hear properly.

Sound levels are measured in decibels (db). Any noise over 80 decibels is classed as potentially damaging. The higher the decibel levels the louder the noise.

An example: a pneumatic drill is around 100 decibels which is considered very loud and likely to damage one’s hearing.

From a practical perspective, the sound pressure levels of these excessively loud hand dryers can interfere with bathroom conversations. The hand dryer noise can also be an annoyance for nearby spaces.  Noise reduction options, different unique designs and continued alternatives from other manufacturers provide lower noise options for owners and facility managers who may want to select hand dryers for their lower noise emission levels.



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