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OZONE Odour 'B' Gone odour management

Odour Management System
To: R & J Hygiene
Air Doc 1 Image
·                  White ABS case dimensions: 155mm x 90mm x  62mm 
Weight: 500 gm    

·                     Power: 240V 50Hz AC/ Also available in 110V.

·                     Wall mounted or Portable

·                     Auto Timer: Min's

·                     2 settings

·                     LOW: On 1min - OFF 9 Min's

·                     HIGH: On 3 min's - OFF 7Min's
Tri-Atomic Oxygen
Destroys ALL unwanted organic odours from the following sectors:
Healthcare, Nursing & Residential, Hospitality & Conferencing, Food preparation, Restaurant & Catering,
Animal care .
 Flood & Fire damage. 
Unique automatic timing enables the 'airdoc' to manage both small and large room environments.
Ozone reverts back to oxygen therefore offering a total environmental solution for odour management.
        Ozone or Tri atomic oxygen has been proven to reduce harmful surface and airborne bacteria.
 Environmentally friendly.
Utilising Corona discharge technology, the 'airdoc' requires minimal low cost servicing.

·                     Will manage a typical hotel room, living room, bar area. 
 Only the initial cost of an air freshener makes the airdoc the cost effective way to remove unwanted odours.


·                     Removes all unwanted odours without the use of chemicals.

·                     No consumables required or batteries.

·                     Being the size of a typical air freshener dispenser the airdoc is small and discreet and can be used as a portable or wall mounted odour management system.
The treatment area can operate on a max of around 150m3.
Visually attractive. 


airdoc banner

Air Doc 1 Image














































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