Flush-Smart - 'Bio' - Urinal / Loo Sanitiser 24/7

Flush-Smart 24/7

Concentrated Naturally Based Biocide Formulation



* Cleans Urinals & toilets bowls


* Eliminates organic build up


* Inhibits scale


* Eliminates odour at source


12 to a pack

(This re-engineered non-pressurised pump refill (is not approved or endorsed by the original manufacturer)

Containing an aqueous liquid formulation of: Alcohols and Biocide cultures and chemical cleaners for use in combination with proprietary automated dispensers in the market place.

  R and J

The ‘Flush Smart’ Sanitizer refill is designed to be installed on both flushable urinals and toilets bowl.






This exclusive formula is a mixture of powerful detergents, deodorants and wetting agents that will provide effective cleaning and create a pleasant ambience in the environment.

One of the greatest benefits in using regenerated sanitizer refill/cartridge is the environmental impact.  

Regenerated sanitizer refills keep millions of pounds of plastic out of our landfills each year.


So in addition to saving you money, regenerated sanitizer refills are actually helping to clean up the Earth. 

Lastly by purchasing a regenerated sanitizer refills/cartridge you will be contributing to a greener earth.


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