HyGenie Sanitary Bin Sanitizer /Germicide

‘HyGenie’ Biocide Active Sanitizing Powder
 HyGenie 2 x 1
Pack 12 x 1 Litre Shake & Pour
Each 1 Litre container will service 50 Bins


release in a unit 



Each One Litre Bottle will applicate 50 Sani-Bins @
20gram measured dose.

Robyn Chemicals HyGenie automatically activates when exposed to waste material within a storage bin.

Its advanced technology penetrates dressings and releases pockets of high energy vapours, deactivating pathogens and destroying offensive odours.  
R and J


HyGenie dormant
within storage bin

"Oxy" Actives automatically
released when exposed to waste.
Odours and pathogens are
immediately deactivated.

HyGenie suspends activity ready for next batch of waste giving extended protection.

 Using the example of  ‘HyGenie’ Vapour


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