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Bin Sanitiser for Sani & Medical Units

What is HyGenie Germicide  - it is an aromatic mint fresh antibacterial biocide and deodorising granule designed to kill potentially harmful bacteria and viruses including HIV, Hepatitis B and C.


What else does it do – HyGenie Germicide will also neutralise offensive odours in sanitary, incontinence, nappy and clinical bins. The aromatic freshness of HyGenie Germicide granules eliminates odours and starts treating the waste on disposal.


What happens - When sanitary, incontinence, nappy and clinical bins are opened; the contents can release bio-particles into the atmosphere if left untreated. HyGenie Germicide placed in the bins prior to use helps prevent bio-particles escaping into the atmosphere.


How to use - HyGenie Germicide Sachet granules are safe and easy to use simply tear open the sachet sprinkle into the bin prior to use.  Use one HyGenie Germicide sachet per sanitary bin, and two sachets for nappy bins or clinical bins.  Each HyGenie Germicide sachet will remain effective for up to 8 weeks once opened. 


  HyGenie Range 

3 Packs available 
Sachets  20 gram easy tear 360 a case  
1 Litre shake Bottle 12 X 1 litre a case
10 Kg Drum