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Welcome To R & J Hygiene - Associates

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 R & J Hygiene - Associates 
Roger Dickinson
07930 415377
 R&J are worldwide supplier of quality washroom products
The majority of our product range is exclusive to R & J
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Fem Bins - Sani-Bins - Bio-Bins - Spill Solution 'KITS'  - Air Care - Soap Care - Washroom Care - Hygiene Care 

Drug Kits - CDD - Hand Dryers - Re~ACT Clean up Body Fluids - Trapeze  Unblocks Waste Traps

Are a Sales Agency supply company, offering products to purchase within the Hygiene/Washroom industry.
Our purpose is to provide a broad range of excellent hygienic products in a professional manner, which responds to the needs of the individual customer.
Our aim is to be undoubtedly reliable, both to our customers and purveyors and to impress them with our expertise.
Our vision is to lead the UK hygiene industry by increasing our customer base worldwide, expanding our range of activities and building a top reputation for our company, its products and its people.
R & J Hygiene adheres to the principles of ethical and professional (washroom) hygiene operation and to the highest standards of marketing practice.
Efforts are directed at meeting genuine need for feminine hygiene and general washroom care, providing healthcare education and generating increased product awareness.
Trusted Names
Proven Performance
Competence for Generations
R & J Hygiene is committed to improving the environment for customers, its employees, and the communities where it has its facilities and offices

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